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A warmCelebrate the shijiazhuang ding solar energy co., LTD renamedShijiazhuang ding new energy engineering co., LTD! We sincerely invite all coal to gas、Coal to electricity distributors,The phone13633310969 


Shijiazhuang ding's new energy engineering co., LTD., formerly known as shijiazhuang ding solar energy co., LTD,Is a professional engaged in solar thermal utilization and high-level wall-mounted solar energy and building energy efficiency design、Sales、Installation and after-sale services of professional new energy engineering co., LTD。The company has water、The electricity、Warm and other kinds of professional and technical personnel,The business scope mainly include solar energy in high temperature hot water、Solar heating、Air source heat pump、Ground source heat pump、Water source heat pump、The central air conditioning、Natural gas boiler、So the heat exchange station, etc. The comprehensive utilization of renewable energy。Do solar project enterprise widely distributed in the factory、Organ、The school、The hospital、The hotel、Community and other fields。Because of the professional construction team,We make every project is a model project,Won the broad social praise。Especially the worker bath shijiazhuang SiYao co., LTD70Tons…… [In more detail]

    Shijiazhuang pv projects
    Hebei auspicious medicine heating computer
    Super 8 hotel solar hot water project
    Photovoltaic power generation project of shijiazhuang 谈固 elementary school
    Corps heating and hot water engineering
    Shijiazhuang 4. 35 students bath and heating system
    Shijiazhuang good village thermoelectric solar projects
    Can he tang kindergarten air water project
    Is the guest shortcut hotel solar air can water engineering
    NingJin xin CDH copper solar hot water project
    And the city community balcony wall-mounted solar energy760Taiwan
    Jinjiang star hotels solar hot water project
    Shijiazhuang fiftieth middle school solar hot water washing bath systems
    Yuanshi county yuan dragon hotel solar hot water project
    Hebei funke chemical industry10Tons of solar energy
    Li hotel line hongqi south street shop air can water project
    The provincial government BeiQin center for solar energy projects
    Shijiazhuang SiYao industrial waste heat recycling project 60Tons
    Shijiazhuang 13 middle school solar hot water project
    Jia tai boutique hotel solar hot water system air
    To build on9No shortcut hotel10Tons
    Shijiazhuang destination's procuratorate8Tons of solar hot water project
    Mechanized infantry school hostel solar hot water project
    Hirayama yi home365Quick hotel13Tons
    Shijiazhuang home inns hotel chain20Tons of solar module project
    Shijiazhuang yi's house365Quick hotel10Tons of solar module project
    Shijiazhuang north industrial group15Tons;
    Hebei jade, jade star grain depot5Tons;
    Hebei jade peak group pharmaceutical factory10Tons;
    Hebei jade worker bath star biological engineering co., LTD15Tons;
    Shijiazhuang speed8Quick hotel12Tons;
    Hebei bearing factory worker bath20Tons
    Worker bath shijiazhuang SiYao co., LTD70Tons
    Shijiazhuang jun Thai business hotel10Tons of solar air to engineering
    Shijiazhuang armored force engineering institute20Tons of solar hot water project
    Shijiazhuang jia tai boutique business hotel10Tons of solar air can water engineering
    Hebei royal community pharmaceutical heating energy-saving projects