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    Nanjing pharmaceutical co., LTD is a Hong Kong listed company leaves leaves pharmaceutical corp., a wholly owned subsidiary,Is committed to the tumor in the fields of drug development、Production and sales for the integration of national torch plan key high-tech enterprise。The company is located in state-level development zone——Nanjing new and high technology industries development zones,Cover an area of an area4Million square meters,The existing staff300Many people。One of them,Have a master degree or above、Senior titles and years experience of senior talents40More than 1,College degree or above in accounting for the number of employees78%The above。
        The company has independent research and development production with drugs include intellectual property“Force element”(Paclitaxel liposome for injection)、“Heaven and earth sing”(Lentinan for injection)、“Heaven and earth”(Phosphorus injection with ammonia)And so on。One of them,“Force element”Is listed on the international new dosage forms of paclitaxel liposome,Won the first prize in the science and technology of China medicine institute、Jiangsu province scientific and technological progress second prize, etc. Series of awards。“Heaven and earth sing”Is“Xianggu mushroom polysaccharide producing injection”,For key national torch plan project,For high-tech products in jiangsu province、New product exposition gold medal、Jiangsu province science and technology progress award、Transformation of scientific and technological achievements in jiangsu province outstanding project award eight awards and certificates, etc。

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