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Company profileABOUT US
        Guangzhou da hui machinery co., LTD is a professional to provide clients with fluid pumping solution of science and technology enterprises;
        The company since its establishment has nearly20Years,Always response national advocacy,Adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the first power of enterprise development,Has a senior engineer as the project leader of science and technology talents team;
        The company set research and development design、Production and sale in a body,Developed a number of invention patents and new practical patent,Including:Electric work room more constant flow diaphragm pump;Pneumatic multicellular constant flow diaphragm pump;An online recycling material of diaphragm pump;A kind of can transport large particles without damage the pump;A diaphragm pump can conveying powder;The diaphragm breakage to the Internet+System;Pump flow data real-time monitoring of the Internet+System;Industrial pipeline cleaning system,And so on;
       The company has multiple brand trademark:JieJasonShen;UranusUrauns;Create a;High technology,And so on;
       Guangzhou da hui machinery co., LTD., to obtain more general agent qualification of international top brands in the industry,IncludingWILDEN;MET-PRO;DESMI;NEPTUNE;FLUX;MOUⅤEX;ALMATEC;QUATTROFIOW;ABAQUE;BLACKMERAnd so on;
       Guangzhou da hui machinery co., LTD has gained international super star enterprise of science and technology“ABBThe company's spraying industrial robots"In southern China agent qualification,The development of the higher power for the enterprise;
        Our purpose is:Based on the needs of customers,Give priority to with science and technology innovation,The development of enterprises,Create the future!
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