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Artificial leather will become the first choice for all leatherThe problem is the artificial leather on market the good and bad are intermingled,The trader is difficult to choice

Not durable

Easy to wear and tear,Water proofing property is low,Unpleasant smells

Quality is not stable

In order to reduce costs to steal to lose,Shoddy

Environmental insecurity

Inferior raw materials lead to environmental monitoring is not up to standard

Good faith without guarantee

Coordination &liaision instead delay,Quality problem is not responsible for

Jinmao manufacturing-Irreplaceable

Each series are fine gourmet
To high standards of raw materials,Exquisite technology to produce artificial leather environmental protection、No smell、Wear-resisting、Waterproof,High cost performance。
Visual feast
1280Roll to create more than flowers100Ten thousand kinds of pattern style,All kinds of grain、Color is everything。
Integrity protection
Quality problems,No excuse,Return is full or remakes to satisfaction;Supplier never delay。
Authorization protection
The rigorous process,Humanized design,To protect the customer brand patent,Unique shape customer market competitiveness。
Environmental protection fashion
Modern information network,Mining fashion critical point,Developing rapidly,Products meet the latest international of the European UnionREACH155Environmental testing standards 。
Incoming sample custom
Quality dates back to the customer incoming sample production and according to the need to improve,Rapid manufacturing,Create unique exclusive leather。

Jinmao leather creates artificial leather custom kingdom

1280Multiple roll number,Most Chinese industry;100Ten thousand kinds of products,The leading leather market
According to the classification purpose
According to the classification process
According to the texture classification
Cloth samples
Jinmao surface process
Jinmao latest lines

Jinmao leather6The big advantage

01The variety is complete、You can't replace
Color、Grain、The thickness of the performance is different
With the largest number of China's flower roll number,1280Multiple,Tens of thousands of grain in different styles,Only
You can't think of,No jinmao cannot do it
02Quality assurance、Timely delivery
Foxconn's production and processingPVCLeather quality;
All imported equipment for high precision;
Ensure that where delivery do not delay,Let the customer no worries
03High quality、Grain is good、Color、The thickness of the foot
Customer order product can reach the latest eu environmental testing standards,All is to use environmental protection material,The new material,Refused to back to the material;
Personnel together industry elite,Exquisite craft,Thickness uniformity、Tear strength,Crisper,Feel better than leather,Is the leader of the leather market。
04New product research and development
Professional r&d team、Modern information network,The tipping point;Functional product development speed,Strong ability。Advanced production concept,Combined with the environmental protection、Fashion、Function,Take market first;
Years invested tens of millions,Every year2000Developing the market。
05Incoming sample custom
Quality traceability to the customer incoming sample production,And according to the need to improve,Research and development production unique exclusive leather quickly。
If we do not respond to the grain,We are in7-10Day process development and production for you,Let the customer customization
06High quality、Grain is good、Color、The thickness of the foot
If not produce according to customer's requirements,We return all of the bills,And bear all the claims and loss
Loss of responsibility;
Professional enthusiastic team24Hours on standby,Quality problems,No excuse、To solve on the spot
Swiss army knife
Xiamen golden dragon bus
The United StatesCK
Order process

Provide custom samples

Explain the product requirements(At the end of cloth、Decorative pattern、Surface treatment、Property requirements、Environmental standards such as indicators in detail)

30%Deposit of commitment

Sign the contract

Determine the production model

Production quality control

Confirm the shipment samples

Payment delivery cargo to the designated warehouse

After-sale tracking service

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Safety in production advanced unit
Size of cultivating advanced unit
Dongyang well-known trademark
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